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This site provides services for students applying for Federal Financial Aid.

If you are a new student to this site, please register now to gain access to the Student Interview Center, Financial Aid Estimator, and other resources this site offers related to your Federal Financial Aid Application process.

If you have questions regarding your US Federal Financial Aid, please use the Contact Us Messenger above to contact the VFAO directly.

Because AUC is a foreign institution, we are only able to award three types of Federal Loans; Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized and Graduate/Parent PLUS. We can also assist students with a Smart Option Loan and Parent Loan from Sallie Mae.

The Graduate PLUS, Parent PLUS, and Smart Option loans assist students in meeting their financial needs set forth by the Student Financial Plan that is shown during the VFAO Student Interview Process. If you are shown a "Remaining Responsibility," it means that we estimate that you will have approximately that amount left to cover for your school costs and your regular cost of living (rent, transportation, food, etc.). The Remaining Responsibility is not your bill with the school.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: To apply for Graduate PLUS loans please click here.  This loan requires credit approval, and interest is charged upon disbursement.

PARENTS OF DEPENDENT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: To apply for Parent PLUS loans please click here.  This loan requires credit approval, and interest is charged upon disbursement.

INDEPENDENT UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE STUDENTS: If you decide that you need additional loans to cover your education expenses, you can apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan. Parents and other creditworthy individuals now have the option when it comes to helping their student pay for college to borrow Sallie Mae Parent Loan. We do not award or process these loans through AUC, so you will need to deal with Sallie Mae directly at https://www.salliemae.com/. When applying please include AUC school code: 00503400

LESS THAN HALF TIME STUDENTS: Transportation, Travel within Egypt, Round trip Airfare and Loan Origination Fees will not display on the VFAO site. However, all of the mentioned costs will be included in your Cost of Attendance.

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